Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Heads up: Bluefly sold fake Balenciagas

I was not going to do a post about this, but after reading how Bluefly has been rudely responding to this situation, it's time for everyone to be aware of what's happening.  I would be wary of purchasing from them now.  Thank goodness for the ladies at the Purse Forum for spotting this so quickly.
Here is the link to the counterfeit bag that was sold: Fake Balenciaga Green City

Immediately, I could tell the shape of the rivet piece is wrong and the markings on the metal plate are incorrect as well.  It was deemed a counterfeit when pictures were posted by a forum member who actually purchased these fake bags.

Even though Bluefly says they are investigating this, they have made some very rude and uncalled for replies about the fake Balenciaga situation on their Facebook page:

While we don't respond to every post and we believe that this forum should be an open exchange of views and opinions, we do want to reply to these libelous claims. Bluefly stands behind the authenticity of our products. We take customer fee...dback very seriously and, of course, diligently look into reported customer issues. We have looked into the handbags that seem to be at issue here and they are authentic.

Many of the people posting these false accusations are doing so anonymously, which makes it impossible to directly address their concerns. We respect our customers privacy, and therefore will not discuss an order with anyone other than our customer. We welcome those posters that have placed orders and require assistance to call Customer Service at 1.877.BLUEFLY. We would be delighted to assist you.

Again, sorry to have to involve everyone in this discussion but we think it's our responsibility to use the web responsibly and regret that some out there don't feel the same way. This is the last we'll post on this matter, as we've invited those people to speak with us directly and we're sure our customers want to get back to fashion!

It's not libel when it is true! These bags are clearly fake if you take a look at the pictures customers have posted.  It's a shame that Bluefly will not own up to their mistakes but instead deny it. How do they know if it is authentic or not? Does that mean they are going to accept these returns and try to resell them as real again? I hate that they are playing the "our word against your word" game.  I feel most badly for the unsuspecting buyers who pay top dollar for a fake and assume its real.

Unfortunately, I'm going to remove them from the reputable list of retailers because only heaven knows where they are buying these fakes from.  Sadly, this is not the first time they've been caught selling fakes as well, this fiasco has happened before in 2006.

The lesson learned is to authenticate every bag you buy!