Sunday, February 27, 2011

Giant Velo with Silver Hardware

The highly anticipated Velo with Giant Silver Hardware has finally arrived on Farfetch!  They've received this style in Ardoise and Black and is retailing for $1500 USD.  It is most likely cheaper since it is sold abroad and without VAT.  We also know that this particular style will be coming out with Gold and Rose Gold Hardware later on.  

The dimensions to this bag are: height : 25 cm , width : 41 cm , depth : 15 cm , handle : 15 cm , strap : 52 cm

What people are liking about this style is that it has the longer strap suitable for carrying as a cross body bag, and the giant hardware looks a bit more proportionate on a slightly larger bag.  My worry is that because of the larger hardware, it may be tiresome after a while carrying a heavier bag!

Is anyone getting one of these or the rose gold/gold one? Do share! 

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Friday, February 25, 2011

My First Giant City! Nuage with Rose Gold

I was always put off from buying a Giant City because of the heaviness with all the hardware.  I finally took the plunge and ordered a Nuage Rose Gold City from HGBags! The service was excellent - I placed a pre-order earlier this week and the bag arrived at my doorstep yesterday!  I have to say, even though we've seen a lot of pictures of Nuage being on the purple side, it is definitely closer to the blue family.  It is a true periwinkle color.  The Rose Gold helps bring out the purple a little bit, but it's still very blue.  It was very hard to capture its true color in pictures, but the pic I received from HGBags is the most accurate.

I took it for a spin yesterday out on some errands and have to say I'm liking it so far! I can definitely feel the weight difference on my shoulder compared to my classic City.  My shoulder got a bit tired after carrying it a while, but I'm hoping I can get use to it after a while. I do like that the double handles are wider, so they sit nicely on the shoulder.  I usually use the shoulder strap with my classic City since the double handles are kind of on the small side.

It totally feels different from carrying my classic City.  I feel like I'm incognito when I carry a classic hardware Bal since the regular hardware is so subtle and quiet, but with this baby - it's bling bling all the way! The rose gold kicks it up a notch and adds a bit of a glamorous feel to the bag.  I love it! Now hopefully this bag will keep me satisfied for a very long time because I'm putting myself on a very long bag ban. 

This will also give me an opportunity to do a comparison post between the Classic Hardware City and the Giant Hardware City.. so stay tuned! 

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bobble Keyring!

MyTheresa has the adorable Bobble Key Ring in Ardoise available for purchase on their website! It retails for $209 USD after conversion from the euro which is cheaper than the US stores.  I asked the Las Vegas Balenciaga and they had the silver milkyway available for $295. I can see why their are on the pricey side because if you take a look at the modeling picture - the thing is huge! It's a lot of leather for a key ring. The length of this baby is 5.1".  I think there's also a smaller version to this as well if you look at my previous post here. It's very cute and quite honestly it reminds me of a sea creature! You would never lose your keys with this keyring!

I also need a few more pictures for the readers and their Bals post! So please send them my way at  Include your blog link too. Thank you!

 Alexander McQueen also made a similar tassel key ring with a skull ornament on top available at SSense.

Alexander Mcqueen Skull Tassle Key Chain

S/S 2011 Random Eye Candy

I thought it would be nice to post various modeling pictures that I found on Chinese websites of S/S 2011 bags!  Also, I finally have my S/S 2011 bag coming tomorrow, so I'm excited to do a post when it arrives - so stay tuned. Grenadine is definitely growing on me.  I think I may need a little pink in my life.

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Nuage RH City

Vieux Rose GSH City

Vieux Rose Folk

Grenadine Folk

Vieux Rose City RH
Vieux Rose City RH

Dark Night RGGH City

Vert Menthe City

Praline Twiggy

Nuage Twiggy

Grenadine Town RH

Nuage RGGH City

Mimosa RH Velo

Grenadine RGGH City

Grenadine GSH City
Mimosa City RH

Grenadine RGGH City

All images via

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Emma Roberts' Ardoise Folk

It seems that the new Folk messenger bag that Balenciaga has recently released has been a hit among the young celebrities!  Emma Roberts was spotted shopping out in West Village on February 18, 2011 carrying a new Ardoise 2011 Folk bag.  What's cool about this particular bag is that the strap can be adjusted a couple of inches to accommodate your height.  I am also a fan of cross body bags because they are so useful and convenient.  They will always be chic to me!

To shop Emma's outfit:
Click here for similar boots by Frye
Click here for Emma's Folk bag in Nuage
Click here for similar jacket by Kinder Aggugini
Click here for similar striped top by Dex
Click here for similar cashmere scarf in gray at Singer22 on sale for $49 plus extra 20% off with code PRESIDENT20.

Images via superiorforum.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Balenciaga spring 2011 bracelets

Happy Friday All! 
I'm feeling under the weather today, so it will be a quick post. :)

These are some of the spring 2011 bracelets that Ashley from the Las Vegas Balenciaga store has in stock.  They are also available in the triple tour if you're interested in that style instead.  Reach her at Attn Ashley at

Grenadine with rose gold

Anthracite with Rose Gold

Black TT with rose gold

Nuage with Rose Gold

Grenadine TT with silver hardware

Mimosa with silver hardware

Vieux Rose with Rose Gold