Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bobble Keyring!

MyTheresa has the adorable Bobble Key Ring in Ardoise available for purchase on their website! It retails for $209 USD after conversion from the euro which is cheaper than the US stores.  I asked the Las Vegas Balenciaga and they had the silver milkyway available for $295. I can see why their are on the pricey side because if you take a look at the modeling picture - the thing is huge! It's a lot of leather for a key ring. The length of this baby is 5.1".  I think there's also a smaller version to this as well if you look at my previous post here. It's very cute and quite honestly it reminds me of a sea creature! You would never lose your keys with this keyring!

I also need a few more pictures for the readers and their Bals post! So please send them my way at  Include your blog link too. Thank you!

 Alexander McQueen also made a similar tassel key ring with a skull ornament on top available at SSense.

Alexander Mcqueen Skull Tassle Key Chain