Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Costa Mesa will receive S/S 2011 Mini First Charms and GGH news

Steve has sent out another very informative email about what's up and coming at his store at Balenciaga in South Coast Plaza.  I have to say I'm very excited about the Mini First Charms coming in the gorgeous spring colors!  I will update this when he sends out the second email. Email Attn Steve in the subject line to costamesascp.store@us.balenciaga.com

Original Email Text:

I have some great new Spring merchandise that just came into the store recently (Handbags/Colors, WRTW, and Shoes), along with some left over Limited Edition items, re-orders on the Black and Anthracite Giant Gold Hardware, and more Classic Mini First Charms.
If there is anything that interests you, act fast. Fill out the appropriate attached charge send form and email me back ASAP. All the information listed is what I know as of now.

So now that I have your attention...
This is the Canage group:

I will be getting more of the Classic Mini First Keychain/Charms. Unfortunately for this I do not have a date. It looks like the colors will be:        Black, Ardoise (Slate Grey), Nuage (Periwinkle), Praline (Beige), White, Grenadine (Sherbert/Reddish-Pink), and Mimosa (Yellow). These are colors from the Spring/Summer 2011.
Don't forget, I also have the New Spring colors: Nuage, Grenadine, Vieux Rose (Peach/Dusty Pink-Orange), Mimosa, Militaire (Lt. Olive), Ardoise, Black, Praline, and Anthracite. I am still waiting for the Dark Night, White, and Vert Menthe to arrive.
Cross City and Work: (I believe this is the Purple from F/W 2008. It honestly looks a lot better in person.)

And new to Balenciaga is watches. Let me know what you think.

Regarding the Giant Gold handbags, here is what I know... the deadline for most of these are by the end of April.

Will be bringing out the Giant Gold City in:

        Black, Anthracite, Praline, Bleu Roi, Vieux Rose, White, and Turquoise (the Turquoise is a Limited Edition color which will also come in the Classic/Regular City, as well)
Along with that, the Anthracite will also come in the Part Time, Velo, Envelope (clutch), and Money (wallet) - all with the Giant Gold hardware. I believe also the Work size, and I think the Day might have been cancelled. But I am still looking into these last 2 styles.
Leather Jackets:  (This year they have black zippers/hardware.)
The 2 colors are Denim (Blue) and Black. Only Denim is pictured.

This is Page 1. Not too bad so far. I will try to get the rest of the information later today or sometime Thursday.
Hurry!!! Act Fast!!! ASAP!!! And if you call or come into the store, PLEASE ask for me.
South Coast Plaza