Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Costa Mesa's Dark Night First and other items

I just received another email from Steve from Balenciaga in South Coast Plaza and he says has gotten in a Dark Night First bag!  It is very dark in the picture - almost black.  Yay or no? I would like to see this color with Rose Gold!

PS. I am still requesting photos for this week's 'Readers and their Balenciagas' post.. so please email me yours at Thanks!

Original Email Text:
So if that first page wasn't enough, here is more of the Collection/Spring...
Sorry it took so long!
This is the Papier group:

Here is the Panier group:
These are the XS round basket raffia bags.        
This is the large size

For the Women's Shoes and Ready-to-Wear, I haven't forgot about you. These are just some of the styles and colors.

JUST IN... The beginning of Dark Night!
Only the Classic First has arrived. The rest are anytime up to the first week of April. This is so you can see the color. It is very dark. Will look black in some lighting. Darker than Bleu Roi and Midnight from previous seasons.

Let me know what you think. Merchandise is selling and being reserved fast.

Steve at
South Coast Plaza
Dark Night

Dark Night close up