Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lo Bosworth's Amethyst Covered City

We've seen Lauren Conrad carry this one before, so it could be a possibility that LC lent it to Lo, but who knows for sure? She was spotted getting lunch at Lemonade in Beverly Hills on February 3, 2011.  Lo carries a 2008 Amethyst City with Covered Regular Hardware. Amethyst is a bright pop of almost neon magenta pink.  It is slightly reminiscent of 2005's Magenta.  Both pinks are very popular and still very sought after today. 

Something special about her bag is that the Covered Regular Hardware was quickly discontinued after the season it was first introduced in F/W 2008.  We haven't seen it at all in any of the newer colors.  It makes me wonder why they kept the Giant Covered Hardware but not this?

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Source: Hills2City