Friday, February 25, 2011

My First Giant City! Nuage with Rose Gold

I was always put off from buying a Giant City because of the heaviness with all the hardware.  I finally took the plunge and ordered a Nuage Rose Gold City from HGBags! The service was excellent - I placed a pre-order earlier this week and the bag arrived at my doorstep yesterday!  I have to say, even though we've seen a lot of pictures of Nuage being on the purple side, it is definitely closer to the blue family.  It is a true periwinkle color.  The Rose Gold helps bring out the purple a little bit, but it's still very blue.  It was very hard to capture its true color in pictures, but the pic I received from HGBags is the most accurate.

I took it for a spin yesterday out on some errands and have to say I'm liking it so far! I can definitely feel the weight difference on my shoulder compared to my classic City.  My shoulder got a bit tired after carrying it a while, but I'm hoping I can get use to it after a while. I do like that the double handles are wider, so they sit nicely on the shoulder.  I usually use the shoulder strap with my classic City since the double handles are kind of on the small side.

It totally feels different from carrying my classic City.  I feel like I'm incognito when I carry a classic hardware Bal since the regular hardware is so subtle and quiet, but with this baby - it's bling bling all the way! The rose gold kicks it up a notch and adds a bit of a glamorous feel to the bag.  I love it! Now hopefully this bag will keep me satisfied for a very long time because I'm putting myself on a very long bag ban. 

This will also give me an opportunity to do a comparison post between the Classic Hardware City and the Giant Hardware City.. so stay tuned! 

Other things: 

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