Saturday, February 12, 2011

Readers and their Balenciagas Part 4

It's that time again! Here we have another great edition of readers (some bloggers as well) with their lovely Balenciaga bags! :)

If you are interested in participating in Part 5's readers and their Balenciagas - please send your photo my way to Have a great weekend!

Crystal from sends us a gorgeous picture of her carrying a black Balenciaga City with Classic Hardware.  Visit her blog for more amazing outfit photos.

Fonteyn from Fonteyn Originality shares with a gorgeous picture of her Balenciaga collection! She has two of the newest colors: 2011 Vieux Rose RGGH City and Nuage GSH Hip!  To balance out all the beautiful colors, she has a timeless black City too.  Visit her blog for great beauty reviews.

Lovely reader Yasmine shares with us another great photo - this time she carries her beautiful Papeete Town bag with Classic Hardware. 

Anna from the Haute Commodity shows us another great picture - this time she carries a stunning red Work bag.