Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Readers and their Balenciagas Part 6

It's that time again! We have another great batch of photos from readers with their Balenciagas! A big thank you to those who participated in this set. This is our biggest set of photos yet!

To keep this great feature going for next week, please send me your photo to  Thank you! 

Gorgeous Rissian shares with us her newest purchase, Murier Folk Bag! I love the color Murier! I actually spotted a Murier GSH Day yesterday while mall shopping and the dusty purple color is stunning.  Congrats Rissian - it looks fabulous on you.

Beautiful Fiore shares with us her amazing modeling shots! She wears her Anthracite Rose Gold Hardware Part-Time and Galet GGH PomPon bag.  I love her style. 

Lovely Marilen shares a lovely photo of her Balenciaga Giant Silver Hardware Day in Electric Blue when she and her family traveled to Hong Kong and Macau! The Day makes a great fuss free travel bag.

Rachel and Angela are great friends who both enjoy Balenciaga bags together!  Rachel carries her Barneys Anniversary Iridescent First bag and Angela is carrying her Black City with Giant Silver Hardware!
One of my fave readers, Leslie, shares with us her colorful collection of Bal bags! She pretty much has almost all the colors of the rainbow! Love it.
Stunning Yasmine shares with us her beautiful French Blue City with Giant Gold Hardware. I love that she matched her Tory Burch flats down to the exact blue shade.
Here in this picture, Yasmine wears her gorgeous Raisin Giant Covered Hardware Balenciaga! Love her skull scarf.