Saturday, May 28, 2011

Balenciaga Costa Mesa F/W 2011 Arrivals

There is lots going on in the Balenciaga world! Steve for Balenciaga Costa Mesa has once again come through for us and has provided us some great photos of their first F/W 2011 arrivals.  Please do not hesitate to contact him if you're interested to purchase. He is a total sweet heart and is great to work with.  You can reach him with subject line: ATTN Steve at for more information or you can reach him by telephone 714-668-0557.

Original email text:

Thank you for your patience on the new colors. Due to the Holiday Weekend and our pre-sale going on, it's been very busy for me to take some time to send out these pictures of these new colors. So after no further delay... I hope you enjoy!!!

Note that this is just the first shipment of Fall/Winter 2011 and of these colors. These are the first 4 colors to arrive (Papyrus, Blue Lavande, Cyclamen, and Coquelicot). The remaining 2 colors may not start to come in until mid-July.

Please let me know what specific color, size, and hardware you are looking for.
The Blue Lavande is crossed between a purple and Outremer. This specific color was very difficult for us to take because in most cases it looks more blue in the pictures. In close view, it looks more purple to me. Very beautiful though!
This is two different lightings but of the same exact bag.
And again, please ask for me if you call, email, or can make it in the store.
I will be working Sunday through Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday of this coming up week.