Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Murier Move On

It's been a while since I posted since I have been swamped with finals, that no celebrities have been carrying any new Balenciagas this week, and we are also awaiting more updates on the F/W 2011 collection! I did make a purchase about 3 weeks ago from Printemps Department Store and it finally arrived last week! So I will do a re-cap on how my international order experience went. 

My order experience from Printemps:

I searched high and low for an S/S 2011 color in this style but it turns out none of the stores ordered the bag.  I was able to reach Claire from the Printemps Department store in France and she told me she had a Murier GSH Move On and a Black RH Move On left.  I decided on Murier to be my "pop" of color and because I wanted something with silver hardware. 

The strange thing about ordering from this store is that they have a shipping department that processes the order.  So I had to email the shipping department to charge my credit and process my order.  Just a little heads up, they do require you to send a photocopy of identification and give them a social security number which I was somewhat reluctant to.  The shipping department guy was on holiday so he didn't get back to me until a week and a half later and then when he processed my order on Monday.. he shipped it the following Monday.  So basically the process of ordering took me nearly a month. 

The price was €364 after the VAT refund and approximately €25 to ship a small bag.  The bag shipped via DHL on Monday, arrived Thursday and it was fully declared so the customs bill will probably arrive at my doorstep very soon.  The plus side I did get a Balenciaga shopping bag so it looks like I went to the store and bought it lol.

What I think about the Move On:

I know some are turned off because of the drawstring, but I guess it does not bother me.  I rarely carry my bags closed or zipped so I just leave it open 99% of the time.  The bag feels roomier than the Hip so it fits a little bit more without feeling crammed.  The strap drop is approximately 22" so it's feels a bit shorter than the Hip which makes it much better fit for petite me (5'2").  Though it does not look like a perfect square I'm getting measurements as 7.5" x 7.5" and the depth is approx 1.5"-2" depending on what you put in it.  I ended up selling my Rose Gold Hip since the shoulder drop was too long for me but I'm glad I did because I think the functionality of the Move On is better. 

Also instead of black canvas fabric interior lining, it has black waterproof lining which is a good thing in my opinion because it will be easy to clean out stains and spills, but I would not want this in bigger bags lol.  The strap can also be detached so you can use it as a cosmetics pouch.  The leather is nice and has a some sheen and distressing to it which I like.  I wasn't overly impressed with my Nuage City (now sold) since it was more matte and smooth than what I preferred. Overall, I feel like it's worth the purchase and hopefully is a keeper.  If I don't get a customs bill I will save about $100 and if I do.. it will be less.  So now I'm going to try to be good and not buy anything else! 

Drawstring pulled

With stuff in it

Waterproof lining

I've carried lip gloss, wallet, phone, random cards, and even keys with a little room to spare