Friday, June 24, 2011

Resort 2012 Runway/Spring 2012 Color Rumors

Even though we haven't even seen all the pieces from F/W 2011, rumors are swirling about what's up and coming for S/S 2012!  Please note that my source is not completely credible, but I have compiled a color chart of what may be coming our way for next season! Total excitement.  I'm loving all these rumored colors.  A true lilac/lavender is what I've been waiting for.

I've also read on the Purse Forum that they might also discontinue Giant Hardware! If this is true, it will be a huge disappointment for many fans. To soften the blow they will replace it with the "mini" Giant Hardware (size of classic hardware) that we've seen so far on the First and the Coin Purses.  I do love Giant Hardware but hate the heaviness of it.. so I'm kind of looking forward to seeing how the City would look like.. so I made a "rough" (excuse the bad photo-shopping, I used Paint!) interpretation below after the runway photos.

There is also a rumored price increase which is disappointing.. but I'm not surprised since they are probably taking cues from Chanel who just had their hefty price increase last month.  On the plus side, they may also be making adjustable straps on some of the bags as well!

Also, has uploaded photos from the Resort 2012 Collection courtesy of Balenciaga.  There are some beautiful looks with lots of bold colors and I spy lots of a-line skirts!

Here are what I think the S/S colors may look like... remember these are only guesses now!  If anyone else has anymore info, please do share! :)

This is what the City would look like with the "mini" Giant Hardware: 

ETA: More color information for Spring 2012 via tpf.

Some colors from the Agneau Range
Gris Ciment: Cement grey - this is the Argent lookalike
Gris Poivre: Pepper grey - dark brown with grey undertones
Vert Poker: Looks like the green of a poker table
Bleu Cobalt: Dark blue
Glycine: Looks like Murier but with more grey undertones
Coquelicot: Red with vermillion undertones

From the Papier Range
Bleu Roi
Bleu Azur

ETA 8/15/11 - ChloeGlamour from TPF shared a new picture of a S/S 2012 Part Time with the Small "Silver Giant Hardware"!

What do you all think? It's definitely something to get use to.. the handles are thinner too!