Monday, August 8, 2011

My review: Milkyway Wallet in Lilac

Hey all! I'm so glad to be sharing with you my newest Balenciaga purchase: S/S 2011 Milkyway wallet in lilac! I took a risk and ordered from a Japanese webshop that is located in the UK called on the Rakuten shopping site.  It was a very easy and fast transaction.  I only caved in since it was on sale at a little more than 50% off, so that made the price reasonable.  I was charged $333.00 plus my credit card's foreign transaction fee of $9, so the total was $342. They shipped it very quickly and it was at my house in about a week.  No customs fee since it was shipped by Express Mail. 

The wallet is made from "veau" which is calf skin.  The leather which is silvery light purple color has a slightly rough shimmery sheen to it.  It feels delicate but I think it may be slightly sturdier than the lambskin "agneau".  It is a folding wallet with a generous coin compartment that boasts ten card slots and 2 bill slots.  Talk about organization!  The Milkyway wallet is slightly larger than my Louis Vuitton Koala wallet.

The buckles are not magnetic so when I'm paying I am fumbling a bit to close it up.  The card slots are a bit tight so I think after some usage it will loosen up and accessing my cards will not be a problem later on. As usual the the front part with the zipper is too small to use but probably there as decoration purposes only. Overall, I'm in love with the color and I love the tiny silver hardware. I recommend this wallet to those who think the Compagnon and Money wallets are too large for their needs!

Comparison with 07 Mogano City & 04 Eggplant Make Up