Sunday, August 14, 2011

Readers and their Balenciagas Part 10

I've finally received enough submissions for another Readers and their Balenciagas post! There are several F/W 2011 beauties that lovely readers have acquired.  To keep this great feature going, please email me your photo at! Thank you so much to those who participated this time.  I look forward to more photos soon. :)

Lovely Mia from the blog "Stripped" has shared her amazing first Balenciaga purchase: a F/W 2011 Cyclamen City with Rose Gold Hardware! I must say that this pink shade looks stunning on beautiful Mia! Check out her blog for more great photos.

One of my favorite readers Shiz from Singapore has submitted some photos of her newest purchase.. F/W 2011 Coquelicot Part-Time with Giant Silver Hardware! I love her Chanel accessories!

Kristin S. shares a lovely photo of her and her new Balenciaga bag, a F/W 2011 Perforated City in the color Atlantique.  The small gold hardware is refreshing change from the aged brass color.

Jen from the blog "Pink Sequence" has shared a lovely picture of her very first Balenciaga, a F/W 2011 Coquelicot City with Giant Silver Hardware.  Her furry keyring that she accessorizes her City with is adorable! Check out her personal style blog for more great photos. 

Lovely reader Kerstin shares with us with her very first Balenciaga that started her love for these bags, a 2007 Rouge Vermillion Classic City! Below is another great picture of a newly acquired bag a 2005 Taupe City; love this neutral color! The City will always be my ultimate favorite style.