Thursday, September 15, 2011

Readers and their Balenciagas Part 11

So I finally received enough photos for another readers and their Balenciagas post! This time we have some stunning photos of newly purchased beauties. A big thank you to those who participated this time!

If you would like to share your picture, please email them to me at and be sure to give your blog link (if applicable).  Thank you! :)

First off, lovely Yun from Kiwi's Fashion Blog has sent in a gorgeous photo of her with a stunning Outremer Classic City.  I love the detail on her sandals! Please check out her personal style blog for more great photos.

Marie shares a photo of her beautiful black Suede Classic Part Time.  She says her choice of bag was inspired by Kim K's black Suede City!

Beautiful Rissian shares great action shots of her F/W 2011 bags, Coquelicot Classic City and Bleu Lavande Rose Gold City.  If you want more great photos and fashion reviews please subscribe to her YouTube channel at luvhellokitty77.

Kerstin shares with us another great bag! This time it is a 2009 Maldives Classic Square Tote! She says it's a great bag for traveling and shopping sprees! Kourtney Kardashian has also been spotted carrying the Square Tote.

T from Initialed shares with us a great photo of her new S/S 2011 Mimosa Hip with Giant Silver Hardware.  It is a real cutie that is a bright pop of color! Check out her personal style blog for more great photos.

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