Friday, September 2, 2011

Stock Update from Costa Mesa (Price Increase Update)

Steve from Balenciaga in Costa Mesa has sent out an email updating us on stock available at his store.  He has also received in Parme a flesh toned pinky color.

Also please check out the details below for information about the upcoming price increase:

Original email text:
I hope this email finds you doing well…

It’s been a while since I last sent out a big update on what’s new and popular for Balenciaga. So sit back, take it all in, and enjoy!!!

The last 2 colors to finish the F/W 2011 season are: Atlantique and Parme. The Orange Brule was replaced, and will not be produced this season. Sorry for all the confusion and misinformation out there.

We have also added a lot of new fabrics to our collection (Leopard, Metallics, Suede, and the Perforated Dot).

The Mini First is back. I have all the new colors available for this season, plus we added some Fluorescent Embossed ones.

The Giant Mini Pom Pons and Triple Tour/Cuff bracelets are a must have this season. All styles and colors and flying out the doors.

We also just got shipment of the Handbag Nourishing Cream back in. I would definitely recommend purchasing this, because at only $20.00, it will help keep your handbag, wallet, etc., looking fresh and moist.

 The Papier Tote, which is a great addition to the Balenciaga lover, has had some fun, bright colors added this season, along with new styles.

 To finish the handbags off, there is a new collection called the Padlock. It comes in a few different styles.

As for the small leather goods, new additions would be: the ipad cover, different sizes in the pencil case, and the newer coin purse, the Porte Monnaie.

 The last thing to mention is that we will be having a price increase and new Mini Giant hardware around November. This news has been buzzing around and I just wanted to put the rumors to rest. So take advantage of the lower prices now, and get a hold of the Giant hardware on the City, Part Time, Work, etc., while we still have stock.

 Please let me know if you have any questions, or would like to place an order with me again. I look forward to hearing from you soon. And I really appreciate all your business and you staying loyal to me. I will do my best at getting back to you as quickly as possible.


South Coast Plaza
3333 Bristol Street, Suite 2231
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Ph:   714-668-0557
Fax: 714-662-0907



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Leopard Print

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