Wednesday, October 26, 2011

LEAM's S/S 2012 Holiday Bags!

I think these were the Chevre (goatskin) bags that the Neiman's order list was referring to.  I honestly am in love because these look much more durable/longer wearing than the lambskin which I have been having a love/hate relationship with.  Glycine is so gorgeous! These bags are available for purchase already on LEAM. The following are Glycine in silver MGH (mini giant hardware), Bordeaux with gold MGH, and Ciment with silver MGH (all City style bags)

ETA 10/27/11, The Corner Berlin has Rose Bruyere Silver MGH City and Velo available! Sorry for the bad pictures.. it was as good as I could get it. Such a pretty rosy color!

Also, according to Nordstrom from tpf, here are the new US prices after the increase:

Balenciaga Giant City bag in rose gold hardware – $1895(now 1795

Balenciaga Giant Velo bag in rose gold hardware – $1895(now 1795)

Balenciaga Giant Town bag in rose gold hardware – $1895 (now 1695!)

Balenciaga Giant Day bag in rose gold hardware – $1495 (no increase?!)

Balenciaga City bag in regular hardware – $1545 (now 1445$)

Balenciaga Work in regular hardware bag – $1695(no increase?!)

Balenciaga Velo in regular hardware bag – $1545 (now 1445)

Balenciaga Town in regular hardware bag – $1445(now 1345)

Balenciaga Neo Folk in regular hardware bag – $1125

So I was right about the City with smaller giant hardware being 100 bucks more! Ugh! Honestly, the price should either stay the same or decrease because less hardware metal was used to produce mini Giant Hardware bags.