Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nordstrom Seattle Balenciaga Bags

Peggy Urban from Nordstrom Seattle has sent out an email regarding what's in stock at her store. There is still a plentiful abundance of F/W 2011 bags still readily available. Check it out below!

Original text:

I have listed the styles below corresponding with the jpg number. Please let me know if you have any questions about measurements, prices or would like closer pictures. I’m happy to help you and I look forward to answering your questions! You may reach me direct at 206-628-1253 (with a voice mail) or respond to this email! peggy.urban@nordstrom.com

Thank you for taking time to browse through my wonderful handbags!

Descriptions by jpg number!

#1588 Classic City in argent silver

#1590 Classic City in papyrus

#1591 Classic City in bleu lavender

#1592 Classic Town in bleu lavender

#1593 Classic Town in papyrus

#1594 Argento (light silver) collection in City and Town

#1597 Paper Ledger felt grey shopper

#1598 Paper Ledger in black and white grid and a yellow Hip

#1599 Paper ledger basket in black calf

#1600 Classic City in grenat perforated leather

#1601 Classic City in gris fonce suede

#1602 Classic Town in lavender raisin

#1603 Classic Town and City in marrone

#1604 Classic Town in lavender raisin

#1605 Giant rose gold collection in papyrus and praline. (ask me for details!)

#1606 Giant City in rose gold in marine bleu

#1608 Giant City in black with giant rose gold hw