Tuesday, October 25, 2011

S/S 2012 Showroom Photos!

This is so exciting! We finally get to see how S/S 2012 colors look like in bag form! We also get to preview the smaller "Giant" hardware in silver and in rose gold.  It's looking good so far... I'm loving all these colors now!! I literally want one of each!

Rose Bruyere reminds me of 04 Lilac which I'm in love with and Glycine is very familiar with the previous lilacs.. from 06 and 09. Vert Poker reminds me of 07 Vert Gazon or 09 Pommier, Gris Poivre is similar to 09 Galet or maybe a tad darker than '11 Papyrus.  Gris Ciment might be a dead-ringer for 08 Argent perhaps?

I'm very curious to see some of how the goatskin bags that Neimans has on order will look like? Anyone know? Also I'm very curious to see how the prices will be since the bags have smaller hardware.. it would be right to drop the price because of less metal.. but then they say there's going to be a price increase... $1895 for a small rose gold hardware City is really pushing it!

source showroom101 and tpf