Sunday, January 1, 2012

Most Popular Posts of 2011!

I thought it would be fun to do a little reminiscing of Balenciaga and reflect on this blog for the past year.  Here are the most popular blog posts from 2011 by category.  I'm so excited to continue bringing you Balenciaga news and intel into 2012.  Happy New Year to all my readers and thank you so much for your continued support!

Most popular personal post: "My First Giant City! Nuage with Rose Gold"

In this post I share with you my first Giant Hardware City purchase: S/S 2011 Nuage Rose Gold Giant City.  I loved it for the first couple of months but in the end I sold her because it was too blue for me.  I was expecting more lavender tones mixed with the light blue but it just didn't cut it for me.  However, I really want the Holiday Hamilton Velo Bag in Glycine - a perfect shade of lavender for me!

Most popular new collection preview post:  "Look at these new 2011 spring bags!"

S/S 2011 was a very highly anticipated collection especially since it was an amazing palette of pastel colors.  My favorites for that particular season would be Grenadine, Ardoise and Nuage! It's always an exciting while we wait for the first glimpse of a new collection of accessories.

Most popular color post: "Is Fall 2011 Coquelicot a true red?" 

No doubt red bags are a favorite among fashionistas.  When Balenciaga introduced the stunning Coquelicot red it became the hit color of the year.  In fact, Coquelicot was so popular that Balenciaga decided to continue it into Spring 2012! It is not too late to get your hands on this beautiful color in the Rose Gold Giant 12 City!

Most popular celebrities and Balenciaga: Kim & Kourtney Kardashian

The Kardashian clan are probably one of the most interesting reality show family of 2011.  From Kim's fairytale wedding to quickie divorce from Kris Humphries and Kourtney's pregnancy announcement of her second child, they are no strangers to the tabloids. Always looking their best wherever they go, its no wonder the sisters are the most viewed celebrities carrying Balenciaga on this blog! 

Most viewed color swatch: F/W 2011

F/W 2011 was a great season for Bal lovers.  I've noticed the most popular colors of that season were Coquelicot, Papyrus, Bleu Lavande.  Orange Brule, a beautifully caramel brown, also took us by surprise and became a hit when it was finally seen in real life.  The least popular color that created practically no buzz at all was Champagne which was a very light yellow color.  I can understand though since light colored leather bags are very hard to carry without staining quickly!