Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dark Violet with Giant Gold Hardware and LE Metallic Cities

It looks like the Balenciaga boutiques in the US is receiving a limited edition S/S 2012 Dark Violet City with the highly missed Giant Gold Hardware.  I spoke to Bill from Balenciaga New York and he says they are due to receive the Giant City sometime in April.  Unfortunately he did not mention any other styles for the Dark Violet GGH.  The price will be $1895.  Please email him at with Attn Bill in the subject line if you're interested in putting your name down.  He does not have any pictures yet but I posted a pic below of a swatch.

He also told me about these really pretty Limited Edition Metallic Cities! They are exactly like the Metallic Cities from F/W 2005 with shiny nickel classic hardware.   Below are pictures of a metallic light pink and a bronze.  These are priced at $1545 which is not too bad on the wallet.  Please email Bill if you're interested.

source tpf

ETA 4/15/12: Here are some pictures of the G21 (Giant Gold Hardware) and G12 (Mini Giant Gold Hardware) Dark Violet City.  I have to say that that the GH still captures my heart because the hardware is so bold and beautiful.