Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nordstrom Seattle gets in some new F/W 2012 bags!

Peggy Urban from Nordstrom Seattle has received in some bags and wallets from the F/W 2012 collection!

Her email states: Look at all the color in my new Balenciaga delivery! I have cumin, mangue, jacynthe, blue suede, bordeaux suede, gris tarmac, violet and coquelicot in a variety of classic shapes. IE: Work, City, Velo, Town, Hip, Folk and Day. (Small leather goods that match too!)

If you have any questions about these great collection pieces please email me. I will take additional pictures, measurements and get prices for you.

Her contact info:
Flagship Nordstrom | Downtown Seattle
500 Pine Street, Seattle WA 98101
Ph 206.628.1253 Vm 206.628.1253