Sunday, October 9, 2016

New Style: Balenciaga Mute City

Continuing with their minimalism aesthetic (see previous post on their Blackout collection), Balenciaga has introduced the City Mute.  The name is very peculiar but this new style moves their famous hardware studs to the sides of the bag and shifts the exterior zip pocket upwards.  The shape is simplified with straight lines and the whip stitch lacing is no longer on the handles. By doing this, it makes the bag far less "busy" looking, hence creating another minimalist version of the the Motorcycle line. Its very refreshing to see that they will take a classic and spin it into something that is on trend right now. 

Currently the Mute City is offered in a cute XS size and Small size at MyTheresa. 

Monday, September 5, 2016

New smaller sized Balenciaga City

Balenciaga has introduced a new size for their Classic City, called the City Small.  It is smaller than the regular sized Classic City but slightly larger than their Mini City bag. 

What I like about this size is that it comes with a longer cross body strap. I am all about the convenience of a hands free purse.  It's a good in between choice for those who think the City is too big but then the Mini is too small! 

Matches Fashion has it slightly cheaper for $1495 where as has it retailing for $1645.  I usually shop at Matches if I can't find a cheaper price anywhere else since the currency conversion rates offer a small cost savings. 

Measurement Comparisons
City Mini:
Width 9.4in/24cm, Length 6in/15.3cm, Depth 3.4in/9cm, Handle drop 4in/10.2cm
City Small:
Width 11.6in/29.8cm, Length 8in/20.3cm, Depth 4in/10.1cm, Handle drop length 3.4in/9cm
City Classic:
Width 15in/38cm, Length 9.4in/24cm, Depth 5.5in/14.3cm, Handle drop length 5in/12.6cm

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Style Minimalism? Balenciaga Blackout Mini City

It seems like minimalism is the current hand bag trend.  Buyers want timeless and simple silhouettes that will carry into the next season. To keep up with the this current movement, Balenciaga has yet again revamped their City by taking away all the flashy hardware and replacing the leather seam lines with perforation lines. This little bag is called the Blackout Mini City and retails for $2100. I think it is a very interesting take on the Classic City and is good for those who want to downplay the attention on what they are carrying for a handbag.  

It reminds of Mansur Gavriel style aesthetic of clean lines and not a lot of hardware. It goes with the saying less is more! 

Balenciaga "Blackout" Mini City on Matches Fashion

Saturday, June 18, 2016

PSA: TJ MAXX selling a fake Balenciaga City in store

I just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up on what I found yesterday while I was shopping at TJ Maxx in Framingham, MA.  They have a huge Runway section with lots of designer clothing, shoes, and handbags.  I came across a blue City bag and upon further inspection it was one of those bad C tag fakes that I spot all the time on ebay.  They were selling it for $1499!! Either it was a bait and switch return or a bad supplier. I will alert corporate and see if they will pull the bag before some innocent person drops 1.5 k on a bad counterfeit. Just be wary of your purchases at discount stores. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A spin on a classic: Balenciaga Metal Plate

Balenciaga has decided to reinvent their Classic Motorcycle line by adorning their bags with shiny palladium plates on the front.  Instead of their traditional lambskin leather, these bags are made of (hopefully more durable) shiny calfskin. They have an interesting contrast of smooth golden toned studs against the silver toned plates. So far they have the Classic Metal Plate City and Mini City available for purchase.  

I find it very interesting how they like to change up the hardware styles now.  Mixing metal colors on a handbag is something very novel to me. What will they think of next?
Rose Petale City
Noir City

Noir Mini City