Monday, September 5, 2016

New smaller sized Balenciaga City

Balenciaga has introduced a new size for their Classic City, called the City Small.  It is smaller than the regular sized Classic City but slightly larger than their Mini City bag. 

What I like about this size is that it comes with a longer cross body strap. I am all about the convenience of a hands free purse.  It's a good in between choice for those who think the City is too big but then the Mini is too small! 

Matches Fashion has it slightly cheaper for $1495 where as has it retailing for $1645.  I usually shop at Matches if I can't find a cheaper price anywhere else since the currency conversion rates offer a small cost savings. 

Measurement Comparisons
City Mini:
Width 9.4in/24cm, Length 6in/15.3cm, Depth 3.4in/9cm, Handle drop 4in/10.2cm
City Small:
Width 11.6in/29.8cm, Length 8in/20.3cm, Depth 4in/10.1cm, Handle drop length 3.4in/9cm
City Classic:
Width 15in/38cm, Length 9.4in/24cm, Depth 5.5in/14.3cm, Handle drop length 5in/12.6cm